Looks like we're going to pick up right where we left off following ESPN's post-draft rankings -- the New England Patriots are No. 1 and the Atlanta Falcons are No. 2 in ESPN's preseason Power Rankings. Now, DeMarcus Ware Jerseysto find out where teams fall in at which position after the Super Bowl LI teams go 1-2, it's best to keep reading.Here's how ESPN's power panel (a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities) voted in the preseason version of the Power Rankings. ESPN Stats & Information research contributed the following information.

Also, ESPN's NFL Insiders answer the big questions: Demaryius Thomas JerseysWhich team is most overrated, and which is most underrated?

Look back at our post-draft Power Rankings here and our post-free agency Power Rankings here.

The defending champions may have only gotten better this offseason with the additions of Brandin Cooks, Stephon Gilmore and Kony Ealy. The team is poised to make Tom Brady the second 40-year-old quarterback to start a playoff game, joining Brett Favre in 2009.

The Falcons' offense is still as potent as it was last season, and a defense that relied heavily on rookies and finished 27th in points allowed in 2016 could see big improvements. A return to the Super Bowl isn't out of the question, Emmanuel Sanders Jerseysand ESPN's Football Power Index (FPI) trends that way as well, giving Atlanta the sixth-best odds of making the big game.

Things are quiet in Seattle right now. John Elway JerseysMaybe a little too quiet? This could be bad news for the rest of the NFL, Peyton Manning Jerseysas a healthy "Legion of Boom" could stop a trend of three straight seasons for the Seahawks' defense allowing more points than the year before.


River Moldau Vltava (CZ)   15 04  31 12

Top class fly fishing

The river of 1000 Mähander

The upper length of the river Moldau Vltava deep in the heart of national park Sumava, the river meanders along the Czech Bohemian Forest. The perfect area for a fishing adventure leads trough wide moorlands and holds unique secrets! (route 30km, 20 – 30 width, 2.5 m)

Hecht At an altitude of almost 900 meters, the landscape is very flat and forms a broad basin, where the Vltava could preserve its natural character. Due to the isolation from civilization it is still possible to enjoy nature to the full. Backwaters and many retreats, formed in the river Moldau Vltava are the perfect area to catch grayling,… with a # 5 rod in this quick flowing stream pond, or pike and asp with a #10 rod in deep holes. The river holds several surprises you should be ready for! At the beginning of the season pike and asp can be tricked up to 90 cm. Several guidings were highlighted by a catch of graylings up to 50 cm. In that area graylings are assessed raptorial and are catched with a streamer. Additionally this river is the home of a plenty of trout, perch and Aitel. The Moldau Vltava river is a perfect place for fishing with dry flies, although the nymph is of greatest significance. Due to the golden brown, almost black colored water, it is very difficult to pinpoint fishes. Equipped with pool goggles and know how about the River Moldau Vltava it is of course possible to find a remedy. While wading trough the water and detailed observation you will get to know the water better and better with each step. During the guiding you will experience the meaning of fly-fishing at the river Moldau Vltaya. How to read the river? How to pinpoint fishes? Define the top grade equipment, optimal lure,…! You will get to know the Moldau Vltava and learn how to raise the secrets of this wonderful river.

Guiding Moldau Vltava about 8 - 10hrs 

Equipment advice:

Rods: # 3 – max. 5 Length 7 to 8.5 'pike # 9 – max. 12 Length 9'

Flies: mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies, and equivalent

Larva pattern, nymphs pattern 10 - 16 Additional beetles, ants, etc.

Pike and asp streamer pattern 4-16 cm

Clothing: Waders are benificial (water depths of more than 1 m are not unusual)

moldau p8050107



1 person 2 persons (per person)
1 dag € 219,-- € 159,--
2 days € 399,-- € 299,--
3 days € 579,-- € 439,--
4 days € 759,-- € 579,--

Caution – Attention – Caution - Attention!

  • Children up to 12 years will only pay half of the price than adults!
  • The fishing license and the Czech license are not included!
  • The application for the czech license has to be requested at leas 2 weeks in advance of the guiding. I will take care about your czech license personally.

For further information check Cards & Licences


Guidings include:

  • Detailed explanation of the fishing area, (learn how to read the water)
  • Which lure is used to catch where and when? Detailed information about all seasons (information about the whole spectrum of lure)
  • How to tie what (theory and practice)?
  • Fishing techniques for diverse methods
  • Which device should you use in which water?
  • Transfer to the waters and taking care of the fishing license
  • Photo service for my clients (pictures of the capture pictures including presentation advice to get the best picture ever)
  • Waders are available, if you do not have your own!
  • Belly Boat available!
  • Guiding policy Catch & Releace only!
moldau p9020046